Nancy’s Pizza and Surprise Guest!

Nancy’s Pizza is known as Chicago’s Best Pizza.  A few weeks ago I visited the Buckhead location for the first time and almost lost my mind! The Greek salad was beautiful & delicious and the pizza literally melted in my mouth.  It’s also a fun place to hang out with Karaoke on Thursday nights.

Drum Roll…  Last night I was at Nancy’s Pizza to shoot at Talking with Tami’s Christmas Soiree.  Got there a little early and decided to sit down and have one of those delicious Greek salads… guess who walked in?!?!! None other than Martin Luther King III and his beautiful daughter!  I almost choked on my salad and had to do a double take to make sure I was seeing correctly.  He came in to grab a pizza and was gracious enough to let us all swarm over him.  LOL  

I have snapped pics of Mr. King before but this was unexpected, fun and as always quite an honor!  Thank you sir for being so kind.




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