NEW Feminine Product “The Honey Pot”!



Good Morning Ladies!  I’m excited to introduce a NEW feminine product called “The Honey Pot” created by Beatrice Dixon, Vaginal Health Enthusiasts.

The Honey Pot (such a cute name) was developed to prevent vaginal infection, encourage pH balance and aid natural vaginal immunity with 100% Natural Plant-Based Ingredients. Nonetheless, the infection breakdown was the precise conscious breakthrough Dixon needed to regain her own vaginal love. Beatrice’s core mission with the Honey Pot is to encourage women and young girls to honor and respect their vagina. To love the vagina in a gentle manner, as not to abuse it, but to be as gentle with it as one would with a root that will grow into a beautiful cherry blossom tree, like our Honey Pot brand logo. 



The Honey PotTM is a 100% Natural, Plant-Based Daily Feminine Wash.














A woman’s solution to feminine hygiene for one of the most sensitive areas of her body, the vagina. The Honey PotTM is a brand made with love, for women seeking healthy freshness. The three (3) products in the portfolio include:

Lavender – Our signature brand for all women. Ideal for all women seeking healthy freshness. Including active, eco-friendly and health conscious women.

Younger Ladies – A gentle formula for delicate young users, 4-12 years old. Specially designed for young girls, a lighter formula to promote a healthy hygiene routine at a young age.

Preggers – Safe enough for expecting Mom’s throughout pregnancy Trimesters 1 – 3, when hormones are out of balance. During pregnancy, vaginal support is of the highest importance as the vessel to bring forth life. The Honey Pot will supports the vaginal vessel pre and post natal.

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