New Movie Alert: ‘UNEXPECTED’ In Theaters July 24th!

Here’s a new movie alert!  “Unexpected” in theaters and on Demand July 24th!  I’m actually looking forward to seeing this delightful film about life balance, hard choices and “unexpected” friendships. 🙂


















The Story:

Samantha Abbott (Cobie Smulders), is a dedicated and passionate teacher at an inner-city Chicago high school.  Just as she is coming to terms with her school closing, Samantha faces some life-changing and unexpected news: she is pregnant. After breaking the news to her supportive live-in boyfriend John (Anders Holm) and opinionated mother (Elizabeth McGovern), Samantha learns that one of her most promising students, Jasmine (newcomer Gail Bean), has landed in a similar but very different situation.  As the women navigate their ambitions for the future, whether tackling the painfully hilarious realities of pregnancy or challenging each other to think beyond motherhood, Samantha and Jasmine forge an unlikely friendship that will challenge their perspectives and leave a lasting impact on one another.

Check out the trailer:

Presented by – The Film Arcade

Directed by – Kris Swanberg

Written by – Megan Mercier and Kris Swanberg

Produced by – Andrea Roa

Executive Producers – Peter Gilbert, Chris Webber, Edwin Linker, Julian Peterson


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