New Movie Clip “What is TRANSCENDENCE”?

Back in February I posted a new “Transcendence” movie alert starring Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman coming to theaters April 17th.  See post HERE.

transcendence 2













The question that helps put everything into perspective about Warner Bros. latest sci-fi thriller can be answered in a new featurette from the cast and crew including Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp and Producer Broderick Johnson.  When discussing the creation of the film, Johnson says that “the idea that a loved one’s consciousness could be preserved was very seductive.”

The appeal or potential danger of transcendence is intensified by Morgan Freeman’s thoughts. “In this situation we only have one transcendent mind. Imagine if we had a hundred,” says Freeman.

transcendence 3


In the clip below, Director Wally Pfister describes transcendence as the “the uploading of a human brain onto a super computer”, while cast member Johnny Depp calls it “the danger to virtually be God.”

I discovered my own take on TRANSCENDENCE in the clip and thought, “wow… immortality through technology.  Endangerment or betterment??”  Can’t wait to see how it all plays out.



Watch the clip and tell me what you think!

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