One on One with Celebrity Photographer Drexina Nelson!

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Meeting a renowned artist in your field doesn’t happen very often.  I was a happy camper watching a REAL photo shoot unfold before my eyes with none other than celebrity photographer Drexina Nelson!!


Talking with Tami was scheduled for a session with Drexina and invited me to join.  I didn’t blink an eye and raced through Atlanta traffic to be on time!  The Studio is AMAZING!!  It’s the perfect setting for creativity, relaxation and incredible photography.  And guess what…?!!?! Drexina also owns a full salon-Drexina Nelson Salon in the same space.  I noticed Drexina’s comfort with Tami’s hair & makeup and asked… “Has she done this before?”  To my surprise Drexina began her career in Atlanta as a makeup artist and then pursued her career in photography!

Clients include: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group, Jezebel Magazine, Senses Magazine, Vogue, Nike NY, Gospel Today Magazine, Mami Magazine, Click Models, Elite Models, and MANY recording artists & producers.

Drexina 9













Drexina 8













As I watched Tami and the glam squad (Whitley and Brandy)… I noticed Ron (Drexina’s right hand man) setting up for the shoot and was able to squeeze in a few questions.  Forever learning…  my specialty is “event” photography but I definitely want to venture into the “studio” very soon.  It was the perfect classroom…  Drexina and her team were in focus mode as they were planning for the shoot so I didn’t want to bother them with too many questions.

Did ask the following as I was intrigued watching them discuss the backdrops and colors for the shoot.  I almost fell to the floor when she asked for my opinion.  LOL!

Robin: “Wow, you have to come up with all the ideas?”

Drexina:  “Yes, and it gets kind of boring so you have to stay fresh and creative.”

Robin:  “Do you also complete the retouches?”

Drexina: “Yes, I do the retouches and that gets tedious as well.  I like to shoot images that don’t require a lot of touch-ups.”

It was also cool to learn that she does all of the color tones without using photo enhancement tools.  Every edit is her own creation.

Drexina 3













Drexina 11













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The shoot was underway and I was AMAZED to see all the action.  The music, the photographer, model and stylist…  I was done when Ron brought out the fan/blower.  LOL, MY FIRST “real” photo shoot. FINALLY!!

Drexina 13
Tami and the glam team Whitley and Brandy













Last but NOT least… I fell in love with Drexina’s little kiddies (doggies) Max and Gizmo!  Max is only a baby and bigger than me!  So sweet and playful.  Little Gizmo just pranced right in.  🙂





























Instagram pic of me & Max/Photo by Ron












A MILLION thanks to Talking with Tami for letting me be a fly on the wall and to Drexina & team for the WONDERFUL hospitality!!  Be sure to visit Drexina Nelson Photography AND Salon for your next session!


Drexina and Ron!
Drexina and Ron!







NOTE: Wanted to save most of the “behind the scene” images for Tami to post.  I know the photos from the shoot will be FABULOUS.

Coming soon!



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