One on One: Terri Vaughn Discusses NEW Film Girlfriends Getaway!

This week, I had the pleasure of speaking with the beautiful and talent actress Terri Vaughn who is starring in the new film Girlfriends Getaway directed by Roger M. Bobb!  This exciting feature will air on TV One on Saturday, August 30 at 8PM/ET, with an encore at 11PM/ET and at 11AM/ET on Sunday, August 31st.

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Garcelle Beauvais, Terri Vaughn, Essence Atkins, and Malinda Williams.
Garcelle Beauvais, Terri Vaughn, Essence Atkins, and Malinda Williams.


Set in Trinidad and Tobago, the comedy which is described as Waiting To Exhale meets The Hangover, Girlfriends’ Getaway is about four friends who take a trip to the Caribbean to celebrate two of their friends’ birthdays. One thing leads to another and they get into a bit of trouble.





Watch the Trailer:


Terri J Vaughn 3


I first saw Terri & her hubby Karon Riley 3 years ago at their family outing to Disney’s screening of Let it Shine.   I remember saying to myself, “I know her (via the television)… and look at her beautiful family!”  Today, Terri is expecting her 3rd child and is shining more than ever…. which led me to my first question:




Robin: Congrats to you! How did you get through the movie production with your pregnancy?

Terri: God is good, there were NO complications.  And the movie was filmed out of the country but the doctors gave us specific instructions and the green light to move forward.  I also had a long talk with the baby & God…  Everyone on the set was extremely supportive and looked out for me.

Robin: How was it working with the other ladies?  Relationships?

Terri: We were friends anyway so it was great.  It’s also good to be able to hire friends who are professional which made it  a working vacation.  We bonded and  had a lot of special moments on and off the screen.

Robin:  Any similarities between your character Sophie and your “real” life?

Terri:  As a producer of the film & planning… the character was not pregnant when we got the green light from TV One. 4 months into the project we realized this pregnancy is becoming more and more evident so we revamped the script.  So that’s one similarity… we’re both pregnant.  Sophie is also the glue of friends as the cheerleader & peacemaker.  She’s also a Libra like me.

Robin: What’s next for Terri Vaughn?  Upcoming Projects?

Terri:  I’m excited about directing my 1st 30 minute sitcom with Bruce Bruce and Carl Payne.  Details coming soon!

Terri with Producer Roger Bobb and Cas Sigers
Terri with Producer Roger Bobb and Cas Sigers




















Ladies, get your girlfriends and plan a watching party THIS Saturday at 8PM! We are going for a NATIONWIDE watch/tweet party 🙂



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