OUT Magazine & Cadillac Honors Emil Wilbekin “Master Of Style” Award

Last night, OUT Magazine and Cadillac feted honoree Emil Wilbekin as the 2017 Master of Style. Wilbekin is a distinguished journalist and founder of Native Son, a movement created to inspire and empower Black gay men to foster fellowship, affirmation and celebration. Embodying the spirit of Cadillac, Emil and Native Son continue to defy expectations and seek innovation by building a platform to help create visibility of Black gay men and to control the narrative around their lives, history and culture.

Celebrities including Bevy Smith and Ty Hunter as well as EJ Johnson (on behalf of Belvedere) joined Wilbekin to celebrate the annual event. Additional guests included presenters Dustin Ross, Charles Harbison, and Memsor Kamarake. 

Photo Credit : Jason Kempin – Getty Images


Emil Wilbekin




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