Paparazzi Princesses Book Signing at Pink Pastry Parlor in Atlanta!

Reginae Carter and Bria Williams made a lot of little girls very happy when they stopped by the Pink Pastry Parlor for their “Paparazzi Princesses” book signing!



Reginae Carter and Bria Williams
Toya Wright


Reginae Carter, Talking with Tami and Bria Williams

Memphiz and Toya

Book Description(Amazon):

Money and designer clothes. Fame and red carpet events. Front row concert tickets and expensive parties.That’s the good stuff . . . but being the daughter of a music mogul or a famous rapper isn’t easy. Step inside the lives of Kayla Jones and Promise Walker. As the daughters of two legends of rap music, trips, cash, designer labels and famous friends are just business as usual for Kayla and Promise. But so are the high expectations of super-successful parents, the drama of having two-faced friends, the not-always welcome glare of constant media attention and the hurt of nasty gossip. Add to that the ugly reality that some people would do anything to take their parents down—and Kayla and Promise face a daily struggle to figure out who to trust when everyone is blinded by their dad’s power. To make matters worse, sometimes, they’re not ven sure of each other!
paparazzi princess 30

Reginae Carter is the daughter of rapper Lil’ Wayne and reality TV star Toya Carter Wright. It’s hard to choose between music and acting, so she hopes to do a little of both when she’s older—or perhaps even sooner. She lives in Atlanta with her mom. This is her first novel. -Amazon

Bria Williams is the daughter of Bryan “Birdman” Williams, founder of Cash Money Records. She is in her first year of high school, has a “passion for fashion,” and hopes to launch her real-life fashion line soon. She lives in Miami with her mom. This is her first novel. -Amazon

Purchase your copy of Paparazzi Princess Today! Enjoy the pics I snapped.




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