Photo of the Day from Vintage Black Glamour

Grabbed this fascinating photo from “Vintage Black Glamour” of  Mr. Gordon Parks, Photographer & Filmmaker.

Photo by James Whitmore/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images.
Photo by James Whitmore/Time Life Pictures/Getty Images.

In the photo:  Mr. Parks is in Venice, Italy, listening to a recording of the rehearsal for the concerto he composed, which was performed in Venice in July 1952. Pictured with him are the renown conductor Dean Dixon and his wife, Mary Mandelin, a Finnish playwright.      -FB

Also take a look at this fabulous image of Maya Angelou doing some reading in her room before her performance at the Village Vanguard in New York City. – FB

Photo by G. Marshall Wilson, who was a staff photographer at Ebony for 33 years.
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