Photo of the Day: Little Girl Has Meltdown in Front of President Obama. What Would You Do?

LOL, this is the cutest picture showing a little girl (Claudia) having a meltdown at the White house IN FRONT of President Obama!  She was visiting with her parents and other VIPs when she decided to end up FACE DOWN on the floor.

Little Claudia at the White House/Photo from Twitter/
Little Claudia at the White House


















As a parent, I would be horrified… but what can you do when your toddler decides to throw a tantrum?  The President seemed to take it extremely well as he has 2 daughters and probably experienced the SAME thing.  In a grocery store, library or maybe even a church.  If you are parent, you know there is NO way to control it (especially the first 2 to 3 minutes).  All you can do is wait for the storm to be over.  But the White House?!?!!  Poor parents…  LOL

What would you do?



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