Photo of the Day: Kobe Bryant and Wife Vanessa Stops by the Waffle House After Atlanta Hawks vs. Lakers Game!

So this was the LAST game Kobe Bryant will play in Atlanta after he recently announced his retirement.  Last night, Kobe played to a sold out crowd for the Atlanta Hawks vs. Lakers game then took his wife to the Waffle House!  How classic is that!  Good luck to you Kobe… wishing you the best retirement 🙂

kobe bryant at waffle house
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Side note: Check out Vanessa’s $30,000+ bag on the table.

Side note #2: Me and all of my handsome men also had a fabulous dinner last night at the NEW swanky shopping mecca… Buckhead Atlanta.  I caught this iPhone pic as they were walking back to the car.  #LoveMyBoys


marshall men



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