Photo of the Day: Oprah Surprises Atlanta Guest at #Belief Viewing Party!

Fun News:  Last night, Oprah popped in and crashed a #Belief viewing party in Atlanta!  Boy, I would LOVE to get a surprise like that… my lungs would fail from screaming so loud. LOL!  But how cool is that?? People from all backgrounds were at this home sharing thoughts and positive energy.  You always hear & see these types of events happening in other places but this time it was in our back yard.

So happy for those who experienced this wonderful surprise!

Oprah Belief 1
Photo from Oprah’s Instagram!

















Seven Night Television Event Premieres Sunday, October 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT


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Oprah Winfrey presents “Belief,” a landmark television event exploring humankind’s ongoing search to connect with something greater than ourselves.  This groundbreaking original series invites viewers to witness some of the world’s most fascinating spiritual journeys through the eyes of the believers.  Traveling to the far reaches of world, and to places cameras have rarely been, “Belief” searches the origins of diverse faiths and the heart of what really matters.  From the epic to the intimate, webbed throughout each hour are stories of people on spiritual journeys, taking them to sacred spaces, including: the largest peaceful gathering in the history of the world as a group of believers seek redemption along the banks of a holy river; a free climber on the side of a mountain who believes there is no greater power than just being present as he climbs without rope; inside the ceremonies of the past as a 21st century woman seeks to find a miracle cure using ancient ceremonial treatments; the quiet of the night as a culture seeks to hang on to its 50,000 year-old history by searching the stars for insight to share with future generations; and, a courtroom and prison where a grieving mother must grapple with forgiveness as she comes face-to-face with her son’s killer.  These stories and others will all lead us to ask: “What do you believe?”  “Belief” is co-produced by the award-winning production companies Harpo Studios and part2 pictures.

Executive Producers: Oprah Winfrey, Sheri Salata, Jon Sinclair, David Shadrack Smith, Greg Henry and Kim Woodard.

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