Photo of the Day: Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Lower Ratings!

Bravo TV’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 10 is reportedly facing LOW ratings this year?!?!   Even with the return of Nene Leakes… the show is dropping viewers like a bad habit.

2.5 million to 2.4 this year…

Here’s a pretty pic of the ladies though…



 I was a dye hard fan when the show came out years ago… but let’s face it… how can you compete with shows like NBC’s “This Is Us” or ABC’s “Blackish” ??  We are tired of crazy reality tv shows that break down women… we want substance and stories that uplift & warm our hearts.  We see tragedy after tragedy in “real” news… who wants to see a bunch of women fighting?

Hell, I’m going back to watching Mary Poppins to keep my sanity.

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