Photo of the Day – Children of the Daffodils

Can’t stop the tears from flooding my eyes as I write this post…  thinking of the 1.5 million innocent children who lost their lives in Nazi occupied Europe.  Yesterday, I photographed the Downtown Daffodil Celebration in Woodruff Park, a world-wide project to build a Living Holocaust Memorial by planting 1.5 million daffodils around the world to remember and to empower Holocaust Education.

Woodruff Park Playground
Woodruff Park Playground













While snapping this pic… the smiles of my two precious boys playing on the playground flashed across my mind.  I just can’t imagine the horrors these beautiful children faced.  The shape and color of the daffodils represent the yellow stars Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.  The daffodils represent beauty and hope for the future.


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