(Photos) Sir Elton John Rocks Atlanta at Music Midtown 2015!

OMG, who would’ve ever thought that would gat a chance to capture Sir Elton John at Music Midtown Festival 2015, another DREAM come true!  My twin sis and I grew up listen to his music… it was truly an outer body experience seeing him right in front of me performing all the songs that have been a part of life for decades.  And he was ELECTRIFYING… YeePee!!

Sir Elton John 1












Sir Elton John 4












I will get into more of the details of the festival in my upcoming posts.. but man oh man this didn’t come easy.  There were several artists who had restrictions on the photography and only permitted certain media to get into the pit.  DRAKE and Elton John were among the few and their shows were at the same time… so I had to decide which artist I wanted the most.  You had to go over the river and through the woods to get to each stage and the crowd was a mile long making it impossible to do both unless you were part of the team escorted to the pit… so I had to get in position an hour early and squeeze my way to the front.

OMG, here’s a bizarre MOMENT:  While we were waiting for Sir Elton to arrive… these two ladies tried to bum rush their way to front.  One lady in particular was pushing me & several other young girls.  I couldn’t believe how rude and wrong she was but I learned she was a little tipsy.  I said to myself  “oh no… you are NOTgetting in the way of my shots/DREAM.  I politely said to the woman, “Ma’am, if you don’t STOP pushing me… I’m going to knock you a mile backwards!”.  LOL!  No, really I just held my position and didn’t let her pass. She kept waving her little green badge & hands in front of my face… singing stupid chants.  She obviously wasn’t in her right mind so as long as she didn’t touch me… she was fine.  LOL, the girls around me were so appreciative but little did they know I was on a mission and NO ONE was getting in my way!

Sir Elton John 2











Sir Elton John 3

















I was standing in the midst of tons of “die hard” fans (like sardines) so the pictures are not my best but who cares…  I captured the one and only Sir Elton, the legend!   I’m sure there will be other times to catch Drake 🙂

Stay tuned for more Music Midtown highlights from It’s RobinLori!

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