(Photos) Grace Jones Performs at Vivid Sydney Festival Wearing Body Paint… oh and a Mask!

Ever wonder what Grace Jones , the electrifying singer and performer from the 80’s & 90’s is up to??  Well here she is at 67 performing for the Vivid Sydney Festival in Sydney… topless wearing body paint, corset and a mask!

Grace Jones at 67 2






















grace jones pull up to the bumper


Way to go Grace Jones!  I was always fascinated with her voice and stage performances.  Oh yes, and her hit… “Pull Up to the Bumper”…. LOL, I was well grown up before I realized what she was talking about.  🙂





Grace appeared in front of a crowd of thousands over the weekend and reminded fans of how spectacular and brilliant she is.  A little unusual… but brilliant.

Read more at the DailyMail.co.uk

Grace Jones at 67 Grace Jones at 67 3


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