(Photos) Jermaine Dupri Hosts “The Rap Game” Atlanta Screening with Da Brat!

Last night, I attended the Atlanta screening of Lifetime Tv’s new series “The Rap Game” hosted by the man himself… Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat!  The event was held at Suite Food Lounge where tons of interested viewers gathered to watch the show premiere.

the rap game 1






















Side “Eye” Note:  Ok, so I came in little later than the other photogs and the carpet was already underway.  Knowing I wouldn’t get top position… I still found my way in the front to get shots for Getty.  Honey, the guys in the front were NOT trying to let me get ANY shots.  I EVEN asked one of my peers (in particular) if he could shift just a little after his 50,000 shots… and he STILL stood like a stone.  I said to myself, “Wow… this joker is not playing”.  And this guy use to be so nice to me..?  I guess he said, “I don’t owe you a got &%$ thing”.  LOL, another lesson learned or reminder… it’s every man for himself in this game.  But I got my shots…  Special thanks to Jermaine “himself” who helped me get past the big guys.  God don’t like ugly  🙂

The Rap Game, created by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah gives five emerging young hip hop artists, ages 12 to 16, the opportunity to rhyme and flow with Jermaine as he searches for the next big name in hip hop. The 8-week rapper boot camp kicked off with a meet-and-greet with rap superstar T.I. and performances in front of industry insiders including Da Brat and Michael Bryan-Cox.

ICYMI… check out a small clip:



As an added bonus, Jermaine provided an opportunity for audience members to ask questions… but mama had to head back to the house to get the pictures processed. The event started pretty late so it was already past my bedtime.  I sent most of my images to Getty but had a few decent pics left from my batch.

Be sure to tune in every Friday 10/9c on Lifetime.  Special thanks to 135th Street Agency for the invite!

Jermaine Dupri
Jermaine Dupri















Da brat The rap game
Da Brat












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