Photos: Jodeci Reunion Brings the House to Their feet at the 2014 Soul Train Awards!

One of the highlights for EVERYONE was the Reunion of JODECI at the 2014 Soul Train Awards. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to see them on the red carpet!  Oh how we love the songs, “Can I Talk to You” and Forever My Lady”.  The talk of the town is how they brought the HOUSE to their feet at the show.  Sorry guys… but I was TOO EXHAUSTED to attend the taping of the show.   Here’s a couple of great pics of the group 🙂

Jojo, DeVante Swing, K-Ci and Dalvin DeGrate
Jojo, DeVante Swing, K-Ci and Dalvin DeGrate
Jodeci / Photo by Ethan Miller BET
Jodeci / Photo by Ethan Miller BET

























My twin sis and I knew the brothers way back in the day (12 years old) as Cedric and JoJo (Little Cedric and the Hailey Singers). We all performed gospel music from church to church bumping into each other from time to time (along with asking my mom to take us to their concerts).   I will never forget my kiss on the cheek from JoJo.. I vowed to NEVER wash my face again, lol!!!  Anyway, we were all talented artist trying to make it big… I was shocked and happy when they released their first album. I didn’t think they would ever leave their gospel hit, “We have heard the joyful Sound, Jesus saves”.  But they made it happen and made everyone back in North Carolina proud.

Of course they probably don’t remember us but it was really good to see them again. Wishing you guys the BEST!

The 2014 Soul Train Awards will air Sunday, November 30 at 9PM ET/PT on Centric and BET!!

More #SoulTrainAwards highlights to come from @ItsRobinLori


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