(Photos) My ‘Real Love Music Experience’ at Scales 925 with Performance by KeKe Wyatt

Last night, I FINALLY made my way over to T.I’s restaurant, Scales 925 for the “Real Love Music Experience” with a special performance by singer KeKe Wyatt (R&B Divas).  This “weekly” Tuesday night event is presented by some of my media friends and I wanted to show my support for the production team & my girl Moshua Loriel (Host) and of course… hear the sensational KeKe blow us out of the water!

KeKe Wyatt and Debra Antney













Moshua Loriel
Moshua Loriel














For some reason things didn’t turn out the way I hoped. Don’t get me wrong, the restaurant is AMAZING and the event was super cool and packed… but I was way out of my element.  First:  I was coming from a long day of performing mommy duties, photographing holiday lights in downtown Atlanta and attending bible class.  I got there at 10:30 PM which is usually my time to leave an event. I’m an old bag of bones and it was WAY past my bedtime.  Ok… so Keke arrived around 10:45 and I was super excited thinking she would be on the stage soon after.  I waited & waited, listened to many great performances including R&B singer CASE… but 12:00 PM rolled around and I was about to turn into a pumpkin.  Honey, my little “Cinderella” coach was burned out and I STILL had photo edits to complete for one of my clients that night.  So unfortunately… I had to roll out before KeKe’s performance.















Second: The oddest thing kept happening with my camera.  I could NOT get a decent shot for the life of me!  My pics were all out of focus and everything…??  Not sure what that was all about.. my fatigue may have taken the best of me.  I was totally frustrated and tired but I did catch a few pics of KeKe when she arrived.  Man, I know she brought down the house… hate I missed it 🙁

Here’s a few decent pics I managed to scrap up from my totally “odd” batch mishaps.

I would like to send very special KUDOS to Rea Davis who is part of the Tuesday night production team and the beautiful host MoLo for a job well done!


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