Photos: Original Soul Train Dancer Cheryl Song Walks 2014 Red Carpet!

I made it! Yesterday was a long journey to Las Vegas & wait time for the 2014 Soul Train Awards but seeing the “original” dancer Cheryl Song on the red carpet put the wind back in my sail. Don’t get me wrong… it was a happy trip but NOT easy. Will discuss later 🙂   I’ll admit that I would not have identified Cheryl before this… but it didn’t take long when they announced “original ST dancer”!!  I remember watching her as a child and she’s STILL beautiful as ever.

Cheryl/Photo from Pinterest








Here’s Cheryl pictured with more fabulous dancers from the day.

Original Soul Train Dancers
Original Soul Train Dancers














And speaking of original… here’s Tony Cornelius, son of the legendary Don Cornelius!!

Tony Cornelius
Tony Cornelius



















Ok… so this was one of my highlights of the day (along with the delicious meals). I have so much more to share but need to recover from all the hustle and bustle. My arm feels like I lifted 100 pound weights!!  I was high up on the stands for the carpet and had to hold my camera UP to get decent “head to toe” shots.  When I say decent… you will see.  LOL!  I lost the battle towards the end because it became just too heavy.  Too funny… I never experienced that before.

Anywho… stay tuned for more highlights 🙂


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