(Photos) Photographer Drexina Nelson Releases Society Industry Book​!

Renowned fashion and beauty photographer Drexina Nelson unveiled her much anticipated Society Industry Book in the presence of featured honorees and beauty industry friends on November 11th at the Society Studios located in midtown Atlanta.


drexina nelson


A packed out event, the launch of the Society Industry Bookunveiled a beautiful coffee table book presenting a stunning model on the cover with body positive affirmations painted on her body. TV personality, beauty mogul, actress, and spokesperson Africa Miranda presents the Foreward followed by amazing back-to-back beauty editorials, positive affirmations, and inspirational quotes by the featured industry mavens.


The Society Industry Book is dedicated to my late cousin Marques Gaines. Marques never had the chance to show the world his amazing talent. He was blessed in so many areas of art that I felt he was the reincarnation of the master artist Leonardo Da Vinci,” says Drexina Nelson. “The Society Industry Book is an opportunity for me to ensure that the talent, creativity, and contributions of fellow beauty artists don’t go unnoticed nor are forgotten or underestimated.  Their talent and hard work need to be celebrated and recognized for pushing the beauty industry, as a whole, forward.”


The more than 20 beauty industry mavericks memorialized in the inaugural edition of The Society Industry Book includes: Richie Arpino, Jasmine “Razor Chic” Collins, Kelvin Myers, Dr. Anayo Umerah, Mimi J,  Kasaundra Anderson, Mushiya Tshikuka, Poochie Green, O’Brien Lynch,Beauty J, Tamar Telahun, Nataki Minix, Maja Sly, Tahira Joy, Gocha Hawkins, Sabrina Peterson, Erika Bogart, Pekela Riley, Samantha Gunn, and Alicia Igess.






Here’s a few more fun pics from the event! Photo Credit: Beauty Maestros



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