MORE Photos from Towanda Braxton’s 40th Birthday Party!

Darn it, I should have posted these pics last night after it aired…  I was too tired from my shoot and fell asleep.  Oh well…   🙁

Towanda Braxton 029-XL












Here’s a few more photos I captured from Towanda Braxton’s 40th birthday party back in September.   The birthday girl was joined by her beautiful sisters Toni, Tamar, Trina, Traci and family in true Braxton Family Values style.  Guest were encouraged in the spirit of  School Daze to come dressed in “school gear” from their favorite time in high school or college. Towanda’s idea was to take everyone back to that time in their life when they were carefree and all that mattered was having fun!

See my FIRST post HERE.   Enjoy the additional pics!

Towanda Braxton 365-XL













Towanda Braxton 376-XL










Towanda Braxton 650-M












Towanda Braxton 530-X2
















Towanda Braxton 560-X2


















Towanda Braxton 509-X2


















Towanda Braxton 549-X2



















towanda braxton 588

Towanda Braxton 654-M



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