(Atlanta Pics) Macy’s Celebrates Black History Month with Stylist June Ambrose, Johnetta Boone and More! #soulEra

Yesterday, fashion stylist June Ambrose stopped by Atlanta Macys to celebrate Black History Month and yours truly was the official photographer!  Oh how the fashionistas came out to join the candid conversations on The Style of the Soul Era with guest panelist Johnetta Boone and Dr. Courtney Hammonds.

June Ambrose/Instagram
June Ambrose/Instagram




















“I get inspiration from everything… even the trash.  You are your own brand” – June Ambrose

My twin sister LOVES June and I was so excited to lend the opportunity to meet her muse. I was able to spend a little time with June in the green room and she is HILARIOUS.  Such a fun and energetic woman, mother and entrepreneur.  And guess what… she manages her OWN instagram ya’ll!  Surely, I thought celebs of her caliber had others to “help”… but June does it all. You are getting the real deal. How cool its that?!?!!

Panelist Dr. Courtney Hammonds, Johnetta Boone and June Ambrose/ iPhone Pic
Panelist Dr. Courtney Hammonds, Johnetta Boone and June Ambrose/ iPhone Pic






















The event was hosted by CBS news anchor Tracye Hutchins and included a wonderful reception, Arnika Dawkins Gallery of Arts and delicious bites.  Oh my goodness, everyone was so happy to be there.  June Ambrose is a fashion idol to so many aspiring artist and they were sitting in the SAME room with her.  After the panel discussion folks rushed to get in line to meet and take selfies with their hero.  Boy she was a trooper snapping pics and chatting with all her fans.  I heard her say to security, “I don’t want to say NO to anyone”.

As I’ve mentioned before… I’m not able to share my professional (work) photos but enjoy a few of my iPhone pics 🙂


Unfortunately, June had a small accident and injured herself during the meet and greet. She was bandaged up (still in good sprits) and taken to the hospital.  Hope you feel better June!!

June Ambrose in the hospital/ Instagram
June Ambrose in the hospital/ Instagram















And here’s my selfie (looking like I worked for 24 hrs).  Thanks for being so AMAZING June 🙂



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