(Pics) Bert’s Big Adventure Hosts Private Holiday Reunion for Its Families! #TheBertShow

Last week on November 8th, Bert’s Big Adventure hosted its annual holiday reunion with over 50 families from past years in Atlanta at Phipps Plaza.  I certainly wanted to attend but spent the evening with all of my boys. 🙂 This heart felt event was filled with holiday themed activities, magical Disney characters, dancing, carolers and included a wonderful spread provided by Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ.  Guests also received a live performance by recording artist Beth Spangler, a fan favorite on season 7 of NBC’s “The Voice” and SANTA!!

Photo by Sarah Esther Photography
Photo by Sarah Esther Photography













 Beth Spangler/ Sarah Ester Photography
Beth Spangler/ Sarah Esther Photography














berts big adventure 2











Through its exclusive and unique reunion events, Bert’s Big Adventure strives to strengthen its community and friendships, providing families with one-of-a-kind event opportunities to enjoy VIP experiences and intimate family time away from doctors and hospitals. The reunions also give the families a chance to renew and refresh the bonds and friendships that they created with each other during their trip to Walt Disney World.

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