(Pics) First Take Ford Experience in Atlanta with Host Will Packer and More! #FordATL

Yesterday, I attended the highly anticipated First Take Ford experience in Atlanta with host Will Packer!  Last year’s Take Fight with FORD event was so spectacular… I couldn’t wait to experience 2015. My excitement kinda overcrowded my judgment… WHY oh WHY did I wear heels??  My feet hurt me so bad… your girl ended up leaving early. As a photographer… I know better.  LOL!

Will Packer and wife Heather
Will Packer and wife Heather













Shanti Das and Keisha Knight Pulliam FORD
Shanti Das and Keisha Knight Pulliam














Local celebs included Keisha Knight Pulliam, Drea Kelly, Christina Johnson, Shanti Das and more! Guest enjoyed vehicle test drives and demos, interviews with FORD executives, sounds by DJ Mars, cocktails, popcorn and lots of candy.   🙂

In addition to my painful shoes… I was exhausted from earlier shoots and headed on home.  Staying out really late is not my thing… especially with kids and a hubby at home.   Enjoy the pics.

Special thanks to M320 Consulting for the invite!











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