(Pics) ICYMI: ‘Slide In The City’ Water Fun in Decatur!

Yesterday, I had a chance to enjoy the day with my family at Sky Zone and Centennial Park in Downtown Atlanta.  But did you guys know about the “Slide In The City” event in Decatur??  I heard about this cool “water fun in the sun” attraction on The Bert Show but totally forgot about it.

















A production team that travels the nation built the temporary water slide right in the middle of downtown Decatur.. on the street!  This giant green machine was 1000 feet (over 3 football fields). Prices ranged from $45 – $70 bucks which included a mouthguard, temporary tattoo, a tube and a 1-year subscription to Women’s Heath magazine. You could get in about 5 to 10 slides for the “Super Slider”.

Check out some of the pics I grabbed from Instagram:

Visit Slide In The City for more information.

WE also had a blast with a little water fun at the fountains. Nothing like spending quality time with family.  I was in pure heaven holding hands with Brandon strolling through the park. 🙂 #LoveMyBoys



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