(Pics) It’s RobinLori Takes a Coffee Break! #BETthanksYou Atlanta!

Today, I finally took a coffee break with delicious hot beverages at one of Atlanta’s treasures “Just Add Honey” on Auburn Ave!  Our friends at BET treated supporters from all over the nation to fun giveaways and coffee ALL day from 8AM to 5PM… so I made sure my happy feet were in the place:-)  #BETthanksYOU

betthanksyou atl 3

















Y’all know I love my BET team and their amazing work bringing us the best in black entertainment. I also LOVE this cute little coffee/tea venue which was filled today with cool college students, supporters and friends. Click #JustAddHoney to read my post about this wonderful black female owned business.

Too funny… I tried to slip in to get my free BET cap & free coffee… and SLIP RIGHT BACK OUT.  The team got a hold of me for photo ops and I gave them the hardest time.  LOL, everyone knows I hate being in front of the camera.  I’m rarely dressed (camera ready) and I get anxious not being able to control how the image will look.  I know what most are thinking… “big baby & it’s not that serious”.  Well it is to me & that’s why I prefer to be behind the camera.  Oh, speaking of camera… I actually left it at home to take a “real” break … but of course I snapped a few great pics with my iPhone.  Enjoy!

And I ended up taking a couple of shots for the home team… here’s my gangsta style pics with some of the crew.  Me & my goofy smile. LOL!!  Thanks guys for being such a great sport.

betthanksyou atl 4 betthanksyou atl 10


Sending a very special thanks to 135th Street Agency for the invite and a HUGE thank you to BET and all of their wonderful support over the past few years.

betthanksyou atl 9
My “Lipstick” evidence from a delicious Hot beverage
















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