Pics: Keurig ‘Say Hello Day’ with Jersey Belle Jaime Primak Sullivan in Atlanta!

Yesterday, I celebrated Keurig: Say Hello Day with Bravo’s Jaime Primak Sullivan (Jersey Belle)!  The event was presented by my pals over at Jezebel Magazine and was held at the beautiful Steve Hightower Salon in Atlanta.

Jaime and some of her Jersey friends!














It was an early morning event so I dropped my boys off at school then headed over to mingle, taste delicious coffee and of course… snap a few pics 🙂  I was in for a treat with wonderful pastries, beauty touch ups and Keurig brewed beverages.  Anyone who knows me understands my LOVE for coffee and tea…  this was the perfect time to try new flavors.  My first sample was the Pumpkin Spice and to my surprise… it was SOOOO good!  And as a bonus, guest were able to select a few flavors to take home!

Meeting Jaime, a Hollywood publicist, producer and writer was definitely the highlight of my visit.  She’s also the creative producer and star of #cawfeetawk and Bravo’s “Jersey Belle”.  Jaime (dressed in her pajamas) made us feel so warm with her bubbly personality and charm.  I watched as she made her way around the room greeting her guest and kissing babies.  And she’s extremely funny… I just couldn’t stop smiling.

Fabulous event!

Sending a special thanks to my team at Jezebel Magazine!



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