(Pics) Lime-A-Rita Cinco Saturday: SnoopDogg & Nelly vs. Mommy & Granny


Yesterday I was invited the Lime-A-Rita Cinco Saturday concert featuring SnoopDogg, Nelly and T.I at Big Sky Buckhead but guess what…? I was in a little pickle because mommy & granny was coming to town for Mother’s Day causing me to attempt the impossible… be in 2 places at one time 🙁







Snoop Dog and Nelly/Instagram
Snoop Dog and Nelly/Instagram




I knew the brand was hosting a private meet & greet for Atlanta media with Snoop and Nelly at the beginning of the show… so I headed off to Buckhead with pure excitement.   I arrived at a BLOCK PARTY y’all…  I could hear the music as I entered the parking lot.



People from all walks of life were having the time of their lives AND we enjoyed the VIP experience which included appetizers from Chef Hector Santiago and samples of the new Lime-A-Rita flavor “Splash.”



 Chef Hector Santiago
Chef Hector Santiago/Photo RobinLori








Oh my goodness time was passing and I knew my mom & granny were going to arrive in Atlanta soon…. “but they said Snoop was going to arrive at 9 and everything will work out. “I’ll get my shots & rush home to see my babies”… I said to myself.  And then the news came… the meet & greet with take place at 11:00 PM. UGHHH!!! 🙁

Needless to say, I carried my little self on home… but all was not lost.  I had a great time drinking one my favorite beer margaritas, eating the delicious shrimp and various bites… AND I walked away with a coupled of awesome Lime-A-Rita beach towels! And MOST IMPORTANTLY.. I made it home just in time to get smiles & hugs from my mom and 98 year old granny from VA.

Here’s a few more pics I snapped and concert pics I grabbed from Instagram.  And stay tuned for Mothers Day highlights with my family 🙂

Lime-A-Rita Dj/Photo RobinLori
Lime-A-Rita Dj/Photo RobinLori



Me and my buddy Sue who celebrated her anniversary at Lime-A-Rita!
Me and my buddy Sue who celebrated her anniversary at Lime-A-Rita!











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