(Pics &Video) Tweet Tuesday & NEW Album #Charlene Listening Party in Atlanta #IAmTweet

Ok, so here’s a cool event I couldn’t attend tonight (the boys need shoes 😉)… Tuesday with #IAmTweet ALA Carlene Keys who showcased her new album “Charlene” by hosting a VIP listening party at the Artist Factory in Atlanta!  In addition to her beautiful voice… guest were treated to a one on one chat with Tweet and my one of my favorite hosts… Egypt Sherrod.  

Folks were really excited to see what Missy Elliott’s protégé is bring for 2016!

iamtweet 7















Too funny, I was reviewing some of the tweets & posts on social media to get an idea of what went on at the event… ALL I could hear was camera shutters flying OFF THE HOOK!  I wondered if anyone could hear Tweet sing or speak with “Rambo” shooting all over the place.  LOL!

Anywho… check out a few fun pics I grabbed from Instagram with Kelly Price, Drea Kelly and more.  Don’t forgetp the presented by eOne Music on January 22nd!!

“God is love… so I’m singing about love.  I’m not singing about panties coning off & shirts coming down… it’s all about LOVE”. – Tweet

Take a look at Tweet’s NEW video “Won’t Hurt Me”:


Sending a huge thanks to Vaughn A. for the invite!

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