(Pics & Video) #VEDO93 Mixtape Listening Session at Suite Food Lounge in Atlanta!

Last night, I headed over to Suite Food Lounge in Atlanta for a private mixtape listening session with the “one and only” VEDO, an Atlanta-based R&B singer/songwriter who rose to public attention in 2013 on the strength of his performances on Season 4 of NBC’s popular talent show ​The Voice .  I had a chance to interview VEDO a few months ago and wanted to hear this AMAZING vocalist and his new project titled “#VEDO93” up close and personal. I must say… he certainly has a few hits on his hands 🙂

Vedo at Suite food lounge 1























VEDO has this one song talking about “knocking the boots”… LOL, I’m an old soul and didn’t care too much about the words… but the slow groove and chords he created reached me to the core.  And needless to say…  all the little girlies were totally in pure bliss.  Here’s proof:

You can download his Mixtape “93” by going to:

iTunes: goo.gl/jRtsfy
Google Play: https://goo.gl/k4hLIO


On another special note:  As mentioned in a previous post… I had a short career in the music industry and have worked with & met many producers including Troy Taylor, the mastermind behind Carl Thomas, Trey Songz and many more.  It’s funny how certain memories stay with you through life while others fade away.  Music was always my first love… so the experiences never die.  I saw Troy for the first time in over 25 years!! Man it was so refreshing to chat about the good ole days of everyone trying to break into the industry & get a record deal.   #SmallWorld

Check out my selfie’s with Troy and VEDO 🙂

Me and VEDO
Me and VEDO
Me and Troy Taylor
Me and Troy Taylor


I was able to record a small segment of VEDO’s live “Classic” performance .  AGAIN, not the best quality (I’m not a videographer) but check it out:



Sending a huge congrats to VEDO and very special thanks to Ask April Love PR for the invite!  Enjoy the fun pics I snapped.





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