#PitchPerfect2 In Theaters TODAY: One on One With Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee and Flula Borg in Atlanta!

As promised… more highlights for the highly anticipated movie #PitchPerfect2 in theaters TODAY!!  Yours Truly had a chance to sit down with a few of the cast members including Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee and Flula Borg for the Atlanta press tour!

pitchperfect2 atlanta press tour
Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee and Flula Borg
















The set up for the conference was really nice with delicious sandwiches and our own personal entertainment!  Have you ever heard of Gold Shades??  Well, stay tuned for this dynamic group of three guys with voices from the Gods.

Gold Shades Music
Gold Shades Music












And then they arrived…  Check out the first question for the cast:

I was really impressed with Ester Dean’s resume.  Didn’t know she’s actually a music guru/writer and has worked with numerous celebrities. She talked about how her transition to acting was really frightening which caused a lot of doubt… but soon gained confidence after her first movie.  LOL… she said, “I’m an actor now”.

We kept asking German actor Flula Borg a question…  just to hear him speak with his lovely accent.  And to top things off…  he is really funny!

The cast was asked to name their favorite scene and it goes as follows:

Hana: “Caught on Fire”

Flula: The “Rip Off”

Ester: “Vampire Scene” Finding your voice…

Last but not least… take a look at Hana Mae Lee’s cool style:

Hana Mae Lee’s shoes












My nieces absolutely LOVE this feature so I asked the team about their thoughts on the “magnet” that keeps the teenage kids boned to the movie.  Check it out:

Ok folks… be sure to check out #PitchPerfect2 in theaters TODAY!  Special thanks to Allied THA for the invite 🙂


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