Pop Up Beauty Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue Atlanta

Saturday, I had a chance to spend a quick moment at  Saks Fifth Avenue Atlanta as they partnered up with smartwater, Dolce & Gabbana and Sinless Margarita for a day of cocktails and complimentary beauty treatments!  I don’t get a chance to roam the stores that often so this was a nice little venture for me. I even tried the Sinless Margaritaa low calorie cocktail mix created by husband & wife team Zach & Cat Hawkins. It was absolutely delightful!  So citrus and light… 🙂
I wasn’t able to stay very long but snapped a few great moments of the event & of ladies having a blast.
Dolce & Gabbana Polish/Pic by RobinLori
Dolce & Gabbana Polish/Pic by RobinLori
Sinless Margarita Cocktails
Saks Pop Up











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