PopChips Saved the Day!

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think popped!
never fried. never baked.

Being a mom is a quite an adventure. Try being a mom of 2 young kiddos, professional photographer, corporate event planner and blogger. NEVER a dull moment!! Busy moms forget things from time to time and I’m no exception… but I’m turning kart wheels over my new healthy snack PopChips!! Today, my sons participated in the Jr. Peachtree Race and I FORGOT to pack their favorite bites. Katy’s Kettle Corn PopChips was the only thing I had to offer as they were smuggled in my bag the day before 🙂 My oldest is always willing to try something new and to my surprise… he LOVED them! And I’m in love because it’s all natural and good. A guilty pleasure without feeling guilty. 🙂

What are PopChips? Check out the video:


They come in all sorts of flavors and styles including tortilla (nacho cheese), potato (sweet potato, original) & kettle corn. Stop by your local Kroger, Publix & Whole Foods Market to grab your bags or visit their site at www.popchips.com.

popchips 1
think popped!
never fried. never baked.










From me and my little Brandon… Thanks PopChips for saving the day!

Brandon at the Jr. Peachtree Race with his PopChips
Brandon at the Jr. Peachtree Race with his PopChips


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