The Preachers of L.A. Visit Atlanta: Exclusive Luncheon Recap

Had GREAT time attending the Preachers of L.A. Exclusive Luncheon & Sneak Peak held at ‘do At the View’ restaurant.   Last week, I mentioned this premiere event and promised a full recap…  see previous post HERE.

preachers of LA 1













It was certainly a day to remember as we got a sneak peak into the lives of pro skateboarder Pastor Jay Haizlip, Pastor Wayne Chaney singer, song-writer Minister Deitrick Haddon, Bishop Clarence McClendon and former gang member Bishop Ron Gibson.  Each table was equipped with an iPad and the audience was able to submit questions using the iPads which added a nice flavor to the session.

preachers of LA 6



preachers of LA 5





















preachers of LA 32












Bishop Ron Gibson stood out for me because he gave us a personal testimony about his mission to reach out to gang members of today’s generation.  “You see the glory but you don’t know my story”, said Gibson as he poured out his heart.

preachers of LA 7
Bishop Ron Gibson speaking on gang related issues.














I LOVE gospel music and it was a THRILL to see Minister Deitrick up close and personal.  He’s a breath of fresh air and pretty funny too…

preachers of LA 8
Minister Deitrick Haddon














Can’t wait to watch the show to learn more about the others.  ALL of the preachers fed our souls spiritually while guests were treated to a lovely meal to feed our bellies.  🙂  It was also good to see “gospels greats” including recording artist Dottie Peoples and Darlene McCoy who hosted the event.  Kudos to the entire team on your success and I would like to send a very special thanks for the PERSONAL invite!

preachers of LA 21

Host Darlene McCoy and Guest
Host Darlene McCoy and Guest
preachers of LA 11
Bishop Clarence McClendon and Dottie Peoples




















preachers of LA 10
Pastor Sabrina McKenzie




















preachers of LA 12
Pastor Wayne Chaney




















Oxygen Executive, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Mr & Mrs Ron Gibson
Oxygen Executive, Pastor Jay Haizlip, Mr & Mrs Ron Gibson
















preachers of LA 15














CEO's of Liquid Soul chats with Bishop Chaney
CEO’s of Liquid Soul chats with Bishop Chaney



























Shout out to Moses James and the FABULOUS OMG Booth!

Moses James Creator of OMG Booth.  Gotcha!
Moses James, Creator of OMG Booth. Gotcha!















preachers of LA 17












Enjoy the pics I snapped.  NOTE:  I had mommy duty (school pick up by 3PM) and missed the group shot at the end 🙁

Here’s an Instagram pic I snatched from Deitricks page:


















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