Who’s the NEXT ‘Price is Right’ Male Model? Vote NOW!

I’ve wanted to be a contestant on the ‘Price Is Right’ ALL of my life.  It’s my favorite game show and I ‘ve watched previous host Bob Baker and NEWEST host Drew Carey for years!  OMG, I use to dream about spinning the big wheel and Plinko was one of the highlights of my day, LOL!  Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve watched and I did NOT know they had a male model, Rob Wilson.

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NEWS ALERT: Wilson left the show earlier this year creating a need for a new male model.  Producers held open casting calls around the country and semifinalists were flown to Los Angeles where they competed in various modeling contests.  Well it’s down to the final three!

Meet Jay Byars, Jonathan Morgan and James O’Halloran!

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AMERICA, you can vote! Until 5 p.m. PST on December 5, the public can vote for their favorite model at PriceIsRight.com. The winner will be announced on the show on Monday, December 8!

Question:  Did you know that Claudia Jordon from #RHOA was a Barker’s Beauty??  Check her out!

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