Prince Rocks the Superdome at the 2014 Essence Festival Concert!

You already know it’s going to be an explosion with the return of Prince to the stage.  Friday night at the Superdome in New Orleans will be night to remember FOREVER!!  Prince took the main stage for the 2014 Essence Festival concert and ROCKED the stadium.  Literally… 🙂

prince 5












Ok, so here’s the answer to the question EVERYBODY asked…. “Can we take photos?”  NO!  Media was not able to capture images of the King.  I was totally ok because being there was good enough for me.. hearing the thunder and roars from the crowd and the music we all love was epic! Prince hasn’t lost a BEAT.  He still has it, never lost it and will always be one of the greatest entertainers EVER!  Take a look at some of the AMAZING images.

I have so much more to share from the 2014 Essence Festival.  Stay tuned!

All images provided by NPG Records

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