Status Update:Progress the day…


Pic by yours truly (one of my first.. 2 years ago)

My body feels tumbled over… but in a good way πŸ™‚

Yesterday, I had long shoots that led into the night but it was a good day! It started with Black Bride Bridal Showcase from 10:00 to 3:30 and GA Entertainment Gala from 6:00 to 8:00. I know most photogs would say, “I have 3 & 4 shoots a day”… well add spending “quality” time with 2 young boys to that!

The bridal showcase was amazing! I was one of the house photogs covering backstage activity and capturing all of the models, makeup, and hair was adventurous & fun. We were in a huge ballroom with plenty of space and time.. so it wasn’t hectic at all. Of course I made my way out to the main ballroom to capture the exhibits and brides to be… but had to leave right before the fashion show. My work was done as everyone was dressed and ready to walk the runway and my next event was at 5:00. I rushed home to sit down with the kiddies for a minute, refresh and dress up. Well kinda… I also dressed down to work.

The GA Entertainment Gala was a HUGE event! It was actually more than I expected as hundreds of “who’s who” in Atlanta attended and there were plenty of tasty bites and drinks. The red carpet was a photogs DREAM with fabulous lighting and space. YAY! But it was a little rough for me… I got there close to 6:00 and the front line was already occupied with big guys (photogs) which made my attempts for shots more difficult. Thanks to Silas Photography (the house photog) for squeezing me in & helping me out. πŸ™‚ Promised my boys I would make it home to tuck them in bed so I didn’t make the awards ceremony. But I captured a lot of great red carpet/reception moments!

Promises & commitments made to friends & family were kept, my boys had smiles on their faces even though I was gone all day, didn’t faint from exhaustion and I captured GREAT pics for my portforlio. It was indeed a good day. I have tons of fabulous images to go through and will post my recaps shortly!

The purpose for this status update: Find ways to progress the day… even if it’s just a new word. It was something you learned and can be used to MOVE FORWARD


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