Rant of the Day: Let Your Haters be Your Motivators!

Ever get this weird feeling in your gut that says he/she is NOT really rooting for me…??   I’ve had these signals for quite sometime and I’m now convinced… my mind is NOT playing tricks on me.

Rant or quote of the day:  Let your haters be your motivators. 












Reading a recent Facebook comment caused me to do some thinking…  for the longest time I tried to network with certain people and received a wonderful smile on one hand but “no action or support” on the other.  I would come & support their events, send my little pics… and they would hide the tag,  ignore the post on social media or not even use them.  LOL, it used to really bother me but now it’s almost comical because I know the identity: Haters that lurk around to see your next move.

And then… I’ve worked with several of the most selfish individuals ever known to man but require TOTAL commitment.  They support you as long as you are providing something they need or want but the minute you ask or question something… all of the walls come tumbling down.  Trust me, I know  bull&$@! when I see it… but I can’t let it stop me from making moves.  Sometimes you have to put up with crap to make things happen for yourself.  Some folks can’t deal with ANYTHING and fly off the handle at ANY wrong doing but not me… you won’t be blessed by stooping to their level.  I take notes, use the lesson to my advantage and choose my battles carefully.  Don’t let it drain your energy though… these people are miserable themselves (in most cases) and will suck you dry if you let em.  Always have a purpose or a goal, know when to leave a bad situation and rise above.

I keep telling you it’s like a game a chess… you may lose a couple of men but you WILL win the board!  LOL, I love it… they will never see it coming when you are sitting on top of world 🙂


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