Rant of the Day: I Missed the LudaDay Celebrity Basketball Game But Got Chris Brown on the Court

Yesterday, I went to 2015 LudaDay Celebrity Basketball event but didn’t get to photograph the game!  UGHH, thank goodness I got Chris Brown on the court. I’ll explain…  And trust me folks, I ONLY write these “rant of the day” posts from actual events or inspiration from something that happened in my #LifeOfAPhotographer.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown



















I was already tired as I headed to GA State University but excited about the celebrity game.  FREE parking was available and that’s always a plus. When I entered the gym… I knew immediately there might be some hassle/hustle.  The room was wall to wall packed and security kept threatening to shut it down if people didn’t move from the floor and other areas.  I managed to find a spot in the media pit and started to snap away.  The players were on the floor taking practice shots so I was in pig heaven getting shots of Chris Brown.  It wasn’t the best spot but I arrived 3 hours after check in so I was content.

But wait!! Security came storming over to us saying, “we have to move media to another area… come with me now”.  We were a bit confused but didn’t question him because security was already hype from all the over-crowding issues.  But guess what?!?!!  They moved us to the TOP of the stadium (nose bleed)! We all said… HOW are we suppose to capture the game now?  Oh my goodness, I was done.  Personally, I get a little closter phobic with over-crowed rooms and decided to get my little fanny outta there.

I didn’t get Ludacris, celebs or any of the players “one on one” but thank goodness I got a few “decent” shots of Chris Brown.  🙂


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