Rant of the Day: Being a Photographer DOESN’T Make Me A Camera Expert!

I truly LOVE you all… Lord knows I do.  But I’ve been getting an overflow of questions about camera equipment.  Rant of the Day:  If I get one more call or message regarding advice/suggestions on cameras… I’m going to scream!  “Being a photographer doesn’t make me a camera expert.”

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Honestly friends, I just happen to be an aspiring artist with a talent for seeing frames and images in almost everything.  It has nothing to do with having an wide range of knowledge in equipment and the physics of how it works.  I would almost prefer you to ask what I’m using and how it works for me vs. my opinion on the BEST equipment to get for your son or daughter.  **sigh**  I’ve only used one brand and that’s Canon… so I can’t give you a breakdown or comparison with other brands.

I mentioned this in my “True Confessions” post earlier this year… if you are looking for tips on equipment or photography 101… you’re reading the wrong blog. And to be quite honest… I still consider myself to be fairly new and still learning as I go. Too funny, many of my inquisitors are just looking for something to talk about… but there’s a few aspiring artist really trying to venture into a hobby or skill.  I would highly suggest investing in photography books and 101 classes to give you a basic foundation.  You can even ask your local Best Buy sales person about a lens, cameras and all the high tech equipment you could ever dream of.

It’s not that I hate giving advice or helping others… I just sound like a broken record and can only give you what I have and that’s experience.  So get a DLSR “camera”, practice with the settings and snap, snap, snap where ever you go! 🙂


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