Rant of the Day: Celebrity Fashion & Gossip News vs. Philanthropy… Can Atlanta Media Rise Up?

I have been a part of the Atlanta media for a few years now and have a small concern… Why do we come in groves to cover a celebrity red carpet or fashion event but become like ghosts when it’s time to support the cultural & philanthropic efforts..??  Not sure if it’s the same in LA or NY… but I can speak for ATL.  We have so many wonderful community events and fundraisers for the arts, children, charities, cats & dogs… you name it…  but NO ONE really shows up or even bothers to recap on their blogs/news outlets.  WHY??




We JUST had a few big names in the city including Magic Johnson who provided valuable tips for new & aspiring business owners at THE Dream Project symposium.  But did you hear about that? Ohhh but if he was in town for a red carpet or movie premiere… the media would be knocking each other down to get a spot.  So I’m wondering what’s wrong with this picture??





I had a conversation with one of my blogger buddies this morning and talked about the lack of press support for a major event he attended over the weekend… BeBe Winan’s new play “Born For This” at the Alliance Theatre.  This first night opening should have been swarming with press and other celebrities… but only a hand full were present.  So I’m also wondering… is it a PR thing as well?  Are they reaching or contacting the right people for these events or we just not interested??


Is our society so poisoned with gossip… we can’t see the forrest for the trees??  We are all guilty on both ends… the readers/viewers only want the latest fashion, scandal or breakup so media is silently forced to provide the latest & greatest entertainment news to get numerous likes, hits or visits.  Try spending hours attending an event, processing the pics and writing a post to only get 3 likes….?? Man, it’s enough to turn anyone away from wasting their time with philanthropy.  But how can we turn it around??  Is it something that we as media should take a stand on?

Can Atlanta media rise up and promote more good deeds for our readers/viewers?

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