Rant of the Day: Disrespected on the Job. What Would you Do?

I’m telling you friends… I don’t make this stuff up.  My “Rant of the Day” posts truly come from actual events.  Sigh…  And I JUST posted about my wonderful upcoming family trip… but don’t fret, I’m STILL filled with joy.  I’m just amazed at how rude & disrespectful people can be.
















Ok, so I finished my morning posts, walked the dog & headed out for my first photo shoot with one of my magazine clients.  They needed me to do an ad shoot in Buckhead which I love because they are short & sweet.  I arrived  “on time” and connected with my 2 contacts from the magazine who by the way were very pretty, young and Caucasian.  OMG, we stood around playing with our cell phones for almost 30 minutes waiting for subjects to arrive! 1st offense.  And to top it all off… the woman walked in, greeted both of the ladies who were standing right next to me and NEVER said a word or even looked at me. 2nd offense. Lol, my mouth & my heart dropped.  And for some reason… I felt a little embarrassed.  One of my contacts (bless her heart) immediately said to the woman, “Um…. this is Robin our photographer”.  She looked over and said, “Oh.. Hi photographer”.  I was done! 3rd offense.

Part of me wanted to walk off… but out of respect for my client, I stayed & completed the job without incident.

What would you do in this situation?

Bonus:  Just booked a huge job with Macy’s as I was typing this post.  I’m totally happy & grateful in spite of bad behavior. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Rant of the Day: Disrespected on the Job. What Would you Do?

  1. You responded correctly. Your Compassion, Professionalism and Talent are reasons that you will continue to prosper! Funny how that resistance manifested into a huge reward. Congrats with Macy’s. You deserve it, Robin. Love you and your Blog!

    P.S. I read your blog before I head over to ‘ The Most visited Urban Blog in the World’, lol.

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