Rant of the Day: The Grass Ain’t Always Greener On the Other Side!

Not only am I concerned about my little blog (read previous POST) but this Rant of the Day segment is brought to you by The Mean Guys in my new world of TOP LEVEL photography.  Guess what folks?!?!!  “The grass ain’t always greener on the side”.  

Oh yeah, I’m going in this morning…

the grass aint always greener 2













I saw this image and thought to myself… “This cow looks totally ridiculous trying to eat from on the other side of the fence”… but then it reminded me of my own desperate flight to top level “event” photography.  I’ve always wanted to be a part of the elite “photo stock/wire image” teams and was thrilled to FINALLY reach my goals.  But it has come with disappointments I NEVER saw coming.  Some of the things you want AIN’T always good for you.

Being a female photographer in the media/entertainment industry is already an uphill battle… dealing with cut throat, dirty & mean photographers has added fear and doubt in my spirit.  Now y’all know I’m not out here to cause trouble… but for some reason I’ve been bullied and treated with total disrespect (off & on the red carpet) by some of the ATL male photographers.  It’s to the point that I have avoided certain events because I don’t want to be in a hostile work environment.  Running ALL OVER TOWN trying to get celebrity photos and staying up all night processing pics is NOT that important to me!  And you would be surprised to learn this… with fewer “A” list celebrities in ATL… MOST of our wire jobs don’t pay JACK! It’s all HYPE!!

Some may read this and think I’m running away… but I have a family to raise with NO room to be fearful or have negative energy in my space.  I will choose my events wisely and proceed with caution. MORE IMPORTANTLY I already have a wonderful team of  TOP “clients” who keep me very busy… why put myself in harms way trying to reach for something I already have??

I’m going to post this pic on my wall to remind myself… “The grass ain’t always greener on the side”.  Take care & nurture what you have already been blessed with and watch IT grow.

the grass aint always greener


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