Rant of the Day: Here’s A Tip… Successful People DO What Others WON’T Do!

I’m so fired up today… I didn’t know whether to label this my “rant of the day” or “tip from a female photographer” .  You know what..?  IT”S BOTH so here’s a TIP: Successful people DO what others WON’T do! 














Ok, so this post stems from a hard day of trying to find someone to help me fulfill a photography service this coming weekend.  Out of respect for the craft… I normally offer at least $100 for approximately 1 hour to go in, take a few shots and BOOM your done.  But guess what..?!?!!  I called 8 to 10 “growing & aspiring artist” and NO ONE came through.  I heard all kinds of reasons for not taking advantage of a great opportunity with a MAJOR establishment for their portfolio & CASH!  Then I asked myself… “Why am I paying $100+ for something I did FREE for over 2 years straight before I made my first dime?”

Oh yeah, I’m going in…

I was in the music industry before photography and was constantly reminded of this very FACT:  Yes, I have an amazing voice (gift)… but there are 10 other people on every church corner with a voice just as good or BETTER.  What separates you from the next super talented person?  You see… everybody and their dog has talent but NOT committed or hungry.  And I’m not talking about being freakin greedy!  Most of our “growth” issues stem from this thought… WE THINK SOMEBODY OWES US SOMETHING. There’s nothing wrong with having the “what’s in it for me” approach but there’s a time and a place to play your hand.  Now, you do have what we call “overnight sensations”… but for the most part you/me/we have to spend a lot of time & energy planting seeds to be noticed and appreciated for your craft. No one is just going to hand you an opportunity… but unfortunately that’s what most of us sit back & count on.

So many people ask me how I accomplished my goals… It’s not rocket science folks! I shoot for Getty Images now and I STILL have to stay humble, dependable and be a team player vs. being selfish .  It’s unbelievable for me to see so many aspiring photographers with NO major connections or affiliations just waiting for the dangling carrot.  It’s all about fast access to the celebrities and being in the “hype” or they don’t move.  And then they EXPECT to be paid for their services if there’s no hype.  LOL!  Man, I tell you… my heart & drive was a force that couldn’t be reckoned with. Many of my peers looked at it as weakness but I slipped right on by because I didn’t walk into opportunities, I JUMPED into them.  When I was called on to do something… I gave NO excuse or concern.  Just handled whatever I needed to do behind the scene to BE PRESENT.  It looked like I was moving backwards but I was moving 5 steps forward in the long run.  It’s called sacrifice and proving yourself… but most aren’t willing to give up even a little something for success.  But that’s just me… leave it or learn from it. 🙂

TODAY, it has paid off.  I have AMAZING ”high paying” clients and work with numerous brands.  As a matter of fact… I’m heading off today to photograph another DREAM event, Music Midtown Festival with major “A” list players.  Here’s a situation where I had a couple of gigs scheduled but was approved to cover this ‘giant” days after I committed.  Being a professional I wasn’t going to just drop my responsibilities so I tried to work it out.  But guess what!?!!  Things worked out on it’s own as my clients where able to find alternates.  And because of my relationship… I still have upcoming  jobs with them next month.  Trust me, EXPOSER and building my portfolio is the ONLY reason I’m choosing the event over making money this round.  There are times you will have to make this type of choice but you have to be disciplined, trust worthy… and most of ALL it better be worth it.

Stay tuned for all the fun highlights with DRAKE, Billy Idol, Van Halen, Elton John, Icona Pop, Lenny Kravitz, Sam Smith and much much more!  You get it..??  Unbelievable opportunity. 🙂


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