Rant of the Day: Mommy Review of Young Chefs Academy at North Druid

It’s summertime and if you’re a parent like me… CAMPS for the kiddies are a major priority.  My hubby Joe LOVES to cook and decided to enroll our boys (6 & 9) in the Young Chefs Academy at North Druid Hills.  Here we go… mommy RANT OF THE DAY.

I was really excited as we arrived at the academy but to my surprise… the instructors kind of rushed the parents out saying, “the kids will be fine”.  Now you know me, I wanted to get my pics of the boys and see what was going on…. but I kindly submitted to getting just a few shots and leaving it to the professionals.

My niece Cameron (13) also attended the half day class and I couldn’t wait to hear all about the fun.  Ughhh, when I arrived to pick them up… the only thing she was excited about was meeting new friends.  Cameron & my boys were disappointed they didn’t get a chance to actually cook or handle a lot of the preparations.  “The instructors did everything”, they said.  Even my 6 year old!

Young Chefs Academy 2















Our team/family paid $600 bucks for the kids to attend the 4 day course..  and they were 1/2, not even full days. I wanted my kids to come out with bells & whistles.  Our kids are not pushovers and can identify quality workshops & courses.  Don’t get me wrong… the instructors were really nice.  The “program” should incorporate a better learning experience for all ages.

They were really looking forward to a more hands on experience and I’m MAD at myself for not sticking around to observe for at least an hour.  I did see the kids sampling their final dishes at the end of each class and it smelled pretty good.  The establishment itself was a little hot but I loved the colors and décor.  Just wish they had more pride in their accomplishment as they all LOVE to cook & eat.

Small Note:  I was also surprised they wouldn’t budge on giving us a $5 plastic pizza cutter when they didn’t accept cash.  Really??

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