R&B Rosa Brunch Presented by Bravo Tv’s Chef Roble in Atlanta

Had ANOTHER opportunity to attend R&B Rosa Brunch with Bravo Tv’s Chef Roble!   Many of you know he is my FAVORITE chef and I took the opportunity to pose with him in a pic (doesn’t happen often) this time.  I tend to shy away from jumping in front of the camera… 🙂

Chef Roble 7













Chef Roble 3Chef Roble 12















The event was held at Frank Ski’s Restaurant in Atlanta Ga.  Guests were treated to a FABULOUS brunch prepared by the one and only.  It was fascinating to see Chef Roble in action!

Chef Roble 5 Chef Roble 6 Chef Roble 4

































In my previous POST I mentioned my greed which ruined my “dish” photo…. I used self control this for this round.


Chef Roble 22












Rosa Regale: Love at First Sip NEVER disappoints with their AMAZING red sparkling wine!

Chef Roble 14 Chef Roble 16















Chef Roble 18

















Chef Roble 24













Special thanks to Chef Roble & Rosa Regale for the wonderful VIP hospitality!

Enjoy the pics I snapped.

Chef Roble 9













Chef Roble 23














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