RECAP Photos and Video! #OnTheRun Tour with Jay Z and Beyonce in Atlanta: The Perfect Combination

Yesterday, I attended one of the best concerts of the century.  Beyonce and Jay z’s #OntheRun Tour took Atlanta by storm and dominated the Georgia Dome.  I could still hear the roaring crowds blocks away as I left a little early to beat the mass exit. And to top things off… my entire experience was AMAZING from beginning to end.

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I was NOT feeling that #OntheRun vibe in my previous post HERE.  My head was hurting and I wasn’t looking forward to the hassle of getting to the venue.  Guess what?!?!!  Traffic was smooth like a baby’s bottom and I arrived in 30 min.  I was a little annoyed from paying $20 bucks to park but found a $20 bill as I walked to the dome!  I have a habit of looking down at times which lends a few surprises here and there. The couple beside me had their eye on it as well but still wished me well and we kept moving.  As we walked a few more steps… they found another $20 bucks!!  How awesome is that!?!!  Just hope the person who lost it was ok.  Yep, things were looking pretty good and before I knew it… my headache was GONE!

Cameras were not allowed so I can’t fill this particular post with a lot of pretty images. Here goes my thoughts and iPhone pics which was no battle for the weak(especially shooting from a distance). They had these lights/beams that flickered throughout the concert making it almost impossible to get a clear shot with my phone. I was too far from the stage. LOL!!

Jay Z and Beyonce
Jay Z and Beyonce



















Let’s start with the INTRO.  I was able to record an iPhone clip of how the crowd went MAD as the power couple emerged from the clouds performing Bonnie & Clyde .

Then Jay Z breaks down into his solo with Tom Ford and the crowd lost it AGAIN.  During his performances loyal fans held up the diamond sign and sang every lyric to his songs.  It was certainly a sight to see for this 40+ year old.  Jay Z and Beyonce gave their audience the PERFECT combination with a little flavor of rap & a big scoop of R&B/pop music.  Soon after… Beyonce comes back with Who Run the World sending a strong message that said, “Marriage is the most important part”.  She is a BEAST on stage and performs with the highest level of confidence, intensity and power.  It takes a lot of mental & physical strength to keep up with that regime and I truly commend her & the entire dance team.

The whole production was brilliantly put together with themed screen plays leading the crowd into the next song.  Yeah the lighting was annoying for me (only because I was trying to get pics) but it created an electric world of fantasy which was AMAZING!!

Halfway into the show Jay Z wanted to get a little closer to the audience and put himself on a higher platform.  He asked, “Are there any sexy ladies in the house?”  Oh boy, everybody raised their hands of course… then Beyonce breaks out singing Partition.  And I must mention… she performed some pretty sexy moves on a prop creating a mesmerizing silhouette.

As time moved on, I started to get that “time to go” alert and made my way out of the stadium as Beyonce was signing “Love on Top”.  The crowd was in such a state of bliss and happiness… I could still hear them cheering as I walked down the street.

This was definitely a night to remember for many “good” reasons and things worked out just fine.  Sending a HUGE congrats to Jay Z and Beyonce for giving us some of the BEST entertaining moments of our lives.

Oh!  I ran into a few local celebs including RHOA Kandi Burruss & Porsha Williams, Gospel Artists Issac Carree and LeCrae and Mayor Kasim Reed.  I didn’t bother the mayor as he and his lovely wife was rushing to their seats. 🙂

Hope you enjoy my iPhone pics 🙁








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