Red Bull Illume Presents Explosive Kickoff Event in Atlanta!

Last night I had the most AMAZING experience at the Red Bull Illume kickoff event at Piedmont Park Atlanta!  This marked the beginning of a 10-day nighttime photography exhibition featuring some of the top 50 action & adventure sports photography in the world.  READ my introduction post HERE.











































Red Bull Air Force flew over the park and skydivers Jeff Provenzano and Andy Farrington landed right in the middle of the park!!  I couldn’t believe my eyes… it was so awesome to see their journey!  It happened so quick I almost missed the shots… LOL!  I was able to chat with Jeffro and Andy and their ONLY focus was to put the parachute in a dive, pull out and swoop across the ground.  It was breathtaking!!!

photo 2















Then came the unveiling of 25 Light-Boxes.  I cannot tell you how wonderful it felt being surrounded with photographers & supporters from all over the world… viewing brilliant art.  I was TOTALLY in my zone.

Illume Photographer Jimmy Wilson
Illume Photographer Jimmy Wilson






































Another really cool event feature was the athlete performances (skateboarders)!!



















Guests also enjoyed cocktails while strolling through the exhibition.  And of course last night’s special was Vodka & Red Bull 🙂  I want to give a HUGE shout out to Caren West PR for the invite and spectacular hospitality.  I will always treasure this experience.  Enjoy the pics I snapped!






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