Reputation is EVERYTHING: Tips from a Female Photographer

One thing I know for sure…

REPUTATION is EVERYTHING: Tips from a Female Photographer


For the first time I can honestly say… “I may have over extended myself”.  Over the weekend I had 5 MAJOR events and 3 of them were on Saturday making it a 12 hour day!  I  know… what was I thinking??  And on top of that, my 2 little boys require LOTS of attention causing me to constantly play the juggling act.  But this time I dropped the ball 🙁

This has NEVER happened before during my short career… I missed an event for one of my clients.  Man, talk about an outer body experience… I could not believe It’s RobinLori committed such a horrible offense!!  Of course I panicked, sent numerous emails and made 10,000 apology calls but the damage was done (so I thought).  To my delight… my client graciously said, “Robin, it’s ok… things happen and we still want you!!”

My heart dropped and I was overwhelmed with gratitude.  It was truly a mistake but a HUGE mistake that could have tarnished my career.  But instead, I was given a second chance by a team who believes in me and my work ethic.

Tip from a female photographer“Let your good work and reputation outshine your mistakes.”

People can see bull%^$#! a mile away.  This is a tight industry and what people say CAN hurt your opportunities. Being PLEASANT to work with, professional and truthful can take you places many others will never go.  If and when you make a mistake… people will KNOW it’s outside your character and give you the benefit of the doubt.  It’s a simple rule but you will be surprised at the number of selfish shysters and mean spirited folks out there.  LOL!

Anywho… tah tah for now 🙂

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